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What to do with Your Blog after COETAIL

We often get asked what COETAIL graduates should do with their COETAIL blog. That, dear COETAIL friends is completely up to you! The blog is yours, the data is yours. You have admin rights to your blog and so with that, you have full control over what you do with the content on it. Here are the options that you have.

Option 1: Keep Blogging

It’s that simple….you’re blog has become part of your digital footprint. Google has found it and if you search for yourself you’ll find your blog. So If you would like to keep blogging…or if you don’t want to blog anymore but you would like the blog to be part of your digital footprint, then just leave it how it is. I do recommend checking on it from time to time as we are constantly making updates to themes, the website, etc and that sometimes messes with the layout and design of your blog. If we ever shut COETAIL down then we will do our best to notify you so you have time to export your data. So please do your best to make sure the email address associated with your account is up to date.

Option 2: Export to your existing blog or to a new blog

Export OptionMany COETAILers have a personal blog or a professional blog already and really don’t want “another blog”. No problem! Simply go to Tools – Export in your dashboard. From there you can download all your posts, pages, comments and then import them into any other blogging program. After that you can have us delete your blog, archive your blog or leave it. Totally up to you. We highly recommend not deleting your blog as other people have linked to your content and blog posts and if you delete your blog those links become broken…but it’s up to you what you do.

Option 3: Delete completely

Simply contact Jeff  (jeff[at] with your username and the URL to your blog and he’ll delete everything about you on the COETAIL site. It will be like you were never a COETAILer.  🙁
As much as we hope this doesn’t happen there are times when people want/need to disappear and we honour and respect that. It’s your data.

Those are your “after I complete COETAIL” options. Basically you control your data and what you do with it, where you put it, or how you use it, is completely up to you. We’re just here to support you and give you a platform to learn and make connections.


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This is Definitely Worth Considering AIS-R Cohort!

Announcing a New and Exciting Partnership

It is with great excitement that we write to you today to tell you about a new and exciting partnership to benefit COETAILers past, present and future.

We have worked with the Google for Education Team to bring an exciting new partnership to COETAILers. A partnership that will allow COETAIL graduates priority access to apply to the Google for Education Certified Trainer (GET) program and future COETAILers to complete the COETAIL program and at the same time earn their Google for Education Certified Trainer credentials.

We are so excited that Google for Education chose to partner with COETAIL. COETAIL has always strived to be a leader in supporting educators in authentically and purposefully integrating technology into the classroom. The rigor and reflective nature of COETAIL and the GET program have many overlapping objectives and outcomes making this partnership one that will benefit COETAILers past, present, and future.

Aligned Mission

COETAIL and Google for Education Certified Trainer program

Foster a network of globally connected educators

Support members in authentically and purposefully integrating technology into their classroom and the school as a whole

Support members in being seen as technology leader within their school

Help create a culture of ongoing, sustainable, professional development program for all educators

If you are a COETAIL graduate and are interested in becoming a Google for Education Certified Trainer please fill out this form by Thursday, March 9.

If you know someone who might be interested in completing COETAIL and the Google for Education Certified Trainer certification, please feel forward this email and have them fill out this form as well.

In the coming weeks, as we finalize the partnership we will be sending another email with specifics of what will be required for past, present and future COETAILs to earn their Google for Education Certified Trainer credentials. For now, sign up to become a Certified Trainer and forward this opportunity to fellow educators who might be interested in completing COETAIL featuring Google for Education Certified Trainer.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you

Jeff, Kim and the Google for Education Team

Having Trouble Leaving a Comment?

Linked to our issue with our ‘delightful’ unwanted spammers is this brief but equally frustrating message that I know a few of you are getting as you try to leave comments for your fellow AIS-R colleagues and/or other Coetail bloggers …..


Of course I can’t share with you what the “spammy words” are but I can share with you the following things that could potentially get your comment identified as spam.

  • Acronyms – (I know, they are so prevalent in Education! But avoid using them if you can!)
  • Words in capitals for emphasis – (our anti-spam plugins don’t like it when you “shout”)
  • More than two (2) hyperlinks in your comment – (typical spammer technique)
  • Posting too many comments to Coetail blogs in a short space of time – (don’t leave your commenting to do all at once!)

Tried all these things BUT it still won’t let you post that comment?

Here’s what you can do next:  Copy your comment into an email to the blog author (usually a fellow AIS-R colleague). Make sure you cc me in the email and send it. (If it’s outside AIS-R and you don’t know/can’t find the author’s email, just email me so I see the comment content)

On your GradeSheet add the following:

  • In the Name of Blog space, paste hyperlink the post you wanted to comment on.
  • In the Comment URL space, type “emailed author & Chrissy”
  • Add the date posted (like you usually do)

I’ll be able to grade/give feedback on your comment because I’ve seen the content and will know the post that you are talking about.

Unwelcome Messages

Several of you have emailed me recently regarding “unwelcome messages” you’ve received.  I get them too so no need to forward them to me, just delete them from your email and from your coetail inbox too.

If you’re not sure where your Coetail Inbox messages are, run your mouse over your name in the top right hand corner of your blog when you are logged in and the following menu(s) will pop open …

We have some pretty tough anti-spam plugins activated on our coetail sites – you’d be amazed at how many we stop but occasionally the odd ones slip through! (Like the “delightful” Samara who is in fact a real person taking the time to do this annoying stuff!) 

Jeff wrote a great post called Spammer Dilemma on the main Coetail Blog.  In case you missed it, I’ve pasted it below for you.

Spammer Dilemma

Many of you….if not all of you…..received a message from a spammer last week here within our COETAIL system. You probably also received spam messages in your own email box as well….however those systems are getting really good at keeping them out of your eye sight…but they are still there.

flickr photo by pandemia shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

flickr photo by pandemia shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Spammers are a constant problem with websites. On one hand we should be honored I guess that COETAIL gets enough traffic to be recognized as a spamming opportunity. On the other hand it becomes extremely frustrating playing the cat and mouse game with them.

I have already have had to give in to spammers on COETAIL in the following ways.

  • You’re blog must be approved by Kim or I as we have spammers trying to create blogs daily. So now we have extra work of trying to monitor which blogs being created are real COETAILers and which are spammers.
  • COETAILers are no longer free to create groups within COETAIL freely as spammers were creating all sorts of spam groups within the system.
  • We have two different spamming plugins running on the site to try and keep spammers out. This in turn slows the overall speed of the site down.

There there are spammers like the one that got through last week. That spammer was a real human who took the time to fill out all the information needed to create a real account. That type of spammer nobody can stop making it even more frustrating.

In the end I’m sure this is not the last spammer we’ll see here on the site. In the future if you would please just delete the spam message from your email and COETAIL inbox it would be appreciated.

Back to fighting the good fight!



Course Begins September 6th!

Starting September 6th, we will begin our online COETAIL Cohort with you AIS-R! This cohort will be led by Jeff Utecht, and facilitated by Chrissy Hellyer. We are all looking forward starting this new cohort!

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Make sure you read the Program Policies page. It is vital that you understand the COETAIL philosophy.
  2. If you are going to take this program for credit read through all the SUNY related materials found on the Program Policies page.
  3. Check the Class Schedule page to start putting your own calendar together. You can also subscribe to the Google Calendar to the right.
  4. Payment for each course will need to be made before getting access to the materials for that course. Make sure you understand how payments work and the late payment or withdrawal fees.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Past students have told us that the courses take approximately 10 hours a week.
  2. You will be required to write 1 blog post per week, 5 comments on other blogs, and 1 final project each course.
  3. You can expect the learning curve in the first course to be very steep as we set up systems that will be used throughout the program.
  4. You can expect, like other COETAILers have stated, for this to be the best Professional Learning Journey you have ever embarked upon.