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Course 3: The Home Stretch

It’s the beginning of Week 6 already and I cannot believe that we are heading down the home stretch with Course 3!

Just like our last course, after this week (Wk 6) you have a few extra days to catch up and make sure you’ve completed all the work for Course 3. Here’s what you should have:

  • One blog post for each week of the course (for a total of 5 posts)
  • A final project (with reflection) embedded into your last blog post for Course 3
  • One comment for each week of the course (for a total of 5 comments)

All of these items should be listed on your grading spreadsheet so that we can give you feedback.
Important Note: All assignments should be completed by Thursday 24 March, 2016. 

Course 3 Final Projects & Sharing Media on Your Blog

CCO Public Domain:

CCO Public Domain:

Because Course 3 is very heavy into visual media, a few great questions have come up about how to best share media on your blog. You may have already noticed that there is a limit to the file sizes you can upload to your blog. This is because there are great places to host your media on the web where lots of other users will be able to find it and connect with you (and of course, we don’t have unlimited server space to host all the files everyone could possibly want to upload).

So, as you create your final projects for Course 3, you may want to think about where you’re going to upload your finished products. Here are a few ideas originally compiled by Kim (CoETaIL Co-Founder) for the Online 3 cohort which are just as valuable and timely for us here at AIS-R:

Uploading & sharing Images:

Personally, we love Flickr. The free accounts are really generous, the sharing is super easy, and the community is really active. Of course you can host all your images within Google+ if you have an account already (which used to be Picasa). Another popular resource is SmugMug.

Uploading & sharing Videos:

Mostly people tend to use YouTube. The fact that it’s integrated with Google Apps makes it easy to manage. When we have longer videos, we tend to use Vimeo. You can upload videos to your Google Drive account and embed them in other places on the web too, if that feels more comfortable for you.

Uploading & sharing Presentations:

Google Slides has gotten so amazingly good in the last few months, that several of us at CoETaIL have almost entirely stopped using any desktop software – you can now use transparent colours to fill shapes, mask images to have them be different shapes, crop images and even enhance image properties – all right within Google Presentations.

If we have a lot of custom designing on a presentation and we don’t want to upload to Google Presentations, we usually create in Keynote or PowerPoint and then upload to Slideshare. Again, it’s easy to embed presentations from slideshare pretty much anywhere on the web, there’s a good community there, and lots of great resources to look at for inspiration too.

If you’re planning to create a presentation and narrate the slides, you have a number of options. You can import your slides as images into your video editing software (iMovie or MovieMaker for example) and then recording your audio and uploading the video files as suggested above. You might also want to try making ascreencast (here is a great guide from Kathy Schrok with a list of some tools you might want to try). If you have a Mac, QuickTime is so easy to use for screencasting with audio. If you do make a screencast, you can also upload that video file to the same services listed above.

Uploading & sharing Other File Types:

Pretty much anything else that we need to upload and share, we use Google Drive. It’s easy to publish almost any kind of file to the web on Google Drive, and then embed that work into a blog (or anywhere else).

Where do you prefer to host your files? Please feel free to share suggestions in the comments!

Comments Awaiting Moderation

Just a little reminder to be checking your blog regularly for comments awaiting approval.  We are noticing that there are many comments awaiting approval – it’s considerate to be approving comments as quickly as possible as people have taken the time to comment thoughtfully on your posts.

comment_discussions-10-16_at_4_50_34_pmYou might not realise this, but you can change the settings of comment approval – so that you do not have to approve any comments (you might be ok with this, personally I like to know when someone comments).

You can also get an email whenever someone comments (that way you can approve them quickly too).commenting

Mid-Program Feedback Time!


Feedbackyou head off into the distance for Winter Break  ………….

we would really like to know how CoETaIL is going for you!

Please take 5-10 minutes (yes, it’s short) to fill out our Mid-Program Feedback Survey embedded below for your convenience!

Thanks in advance – your input is greatly appreciated!

The Survey


The Journey Begins

Welcome AIS-Rers to COETAIL. We’re so glad to have you here and look forward to learning with you over the next couple of years. COETAIL truly is a journey into a new way of learning. One built on being open, reflective and practical. Each course tries to give you the opportunity to apply what you are learning in the classroom as you learn it. We ask you to reflect openly on your blog to share your lessons and reflections with others. It’s through this open reflective practice that we find the COETAIL community flourish and support each other.

By joining COETAIL you join a community of over 1000 international educators who are reflecting on what it means to teach in a connected world and connected classroom. The front page of the COETAIL site ( is a great place to visit. There are international educators in all different courses blogging and reflecting. The front page of the COETAIL site shows the latest things coming from the community. In no time at all you too will be there with your own blog posts, reflections and lessons. We’re all better when we share openly.

To get us started here are a couple reminders.

1. This blog is your “Cohort Home” bookmark this page as this is where you access your course materials, receive updates from Chrissy and I as we reflect with you and a place to jump into all that COETAIL has to offer.

2. In a few days Chrissy will share with you a Google Drive folder that will have all the documents needed for this program. There aren’t a lot of documents but a few we need to just make sure we’re all on the same page.

3. Your blog is your space. We don’t write papers we create blog posts. You won’t have to write a big paper in this program…but each week we ask you to just reflect on your learning, your teaching and your classroom. Get to know your blog, customize it to show who you are, make it yours.

4. Remember to breathe! This first course is a steep learning curve as we get setup. Know that Chrissy and I are here to support you and at any point where you feel like you’re just not getting it please reach out to Chrissy  and/or the COETAiIL Coaches. They are here to support you. In a few weeks you’ll have two coaches assigned to your cohort to help you if and when you need them.

5. Get connected. Time to start that Twitter account, time to join the Google+ COETAIL community. Time to get connected into this amazing network of international COETAILers. The learning and support they will provide can not be measured. It’s truly professionally life changing.

Welcome to COETAIL and I’m so looking forward to learning with and from you all!