Week 3: Ideas for Blog Posts

Blogging in Course 5

As you proceed through Course 5 there will be no formal weekly blogging prompts. Instead, we encourage you to continue to develop your own blogging routines, as well as your voice.

There are four (4) required posts for Course 5, three (3) of which have a required topic (see below), the topic of the fourth post is your choice. Of course, you are always welcome to publish more than the minimum number of posts! And this is why teachers should blog…

Required topics for three (3) of your four (4) posts:

  1. An introduction to your final project sharing what you hope to achieve this semester and how you plan to implement your COETAIL learning with your students. What do you plan to do and why? How do you think you might get there? What are you hoping to see in your students learning as you conduct the project?
  2. A culminating blog post describing your Community Engagement experience with documented evidence of ongoing, back-and-forth communication. This reflection should include your participation in your personal learning network over the course of this program as well as your continued plans for future growth. In what ways have you connected with others both within and beyond the COETAIL community (outside of the required blogging practice)? How has this participation enhanced your learning and professional development?
  3. This is your final blog post, it must include a reflection of your Course 5 presentation (similar to your reflections for all previous courses) including all related materials (slides, videos, unit planners, etc), as well as the embedded video of your Course 5 presentation.

These three posts can be published at any time during the course, but we encourage you to write the introductory post at the beginning of the course, and the other two reflective posts towards the end of the course, when you’ve had time to build your PLN, as well as implement your project.

Your fourth post can be about anything that interests you. Below are some suggestions based on what other COETAIL graduates have written about in the past:

  • The progress you’re making on your project. Often we have COETAILers post regularly (every other week or so) during Course 5, sharing what they’ve been doing with their project and how things are moving along.
  • Highlights from your classroom and the implementation of what you’ve been learning. Images and other media are great ways to enhance this kind of post.
  • Your thoughts and reflections on resources and ideas that you’ve discovered recently – these could be topics that relate to your final project, or anything else that’s interesting to you at the moment.


Your 4 blog posts for Course 5 will make up 25% of your final grade for this course. As usual, we will use this blogging rubric (note the percentage is different on this document because it’s the same rubric we use for the rest of the four courses).

Two of your blog posts also include other assessments:

  • Your culminating Community Engagement blog post will be assessed using this rubric.
  • Your final project will be assessed using this rubric.


You may write these posts at any time during the course (and add them to your spreadsheet as you write them). However all four must be posted to your blog by April 23rd. (Please note: There are no extensions for Course 5)