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Peer Feedback Requirements

Can you believe it? We’re almost done!
One last task to complete ….. giving peer feedback.

Below are all of the AIS-R cohort’s Course 5 blog posts with Final Project Videos embedded.
Pull up a chair, grab a drink and settle in to watch some inspiring projects from your peers! Choose ones that interest you, ones that pique your curiosity or even ones at a vastly different level to you – you never know what ideas it might spark in you!

Feedback Process & Requirements


Between April 23 – May 5th please watch a minimum of five (5) – maximum of ten (10) videos and provide feedback for each Final Project Video on the
Peer Feedback Form (fill out for each video you watch.)

Your assessment of their work will be anonymous and they will receive the feedback on their grading spreadsheet. Likewise, you will receive the anonymous peer feedback on your grading spreadsheet.

Important Dates to Note

  • The anonymous peer feedback you receive from your peers will be pasted to your grading spreadsheet between May 5 – May 10th
  • Your Final Grade for Course 5 will be posted on your gradesheet at the same time
  • As long as all of your work has been submitted, after May 10th you will receive one last email from me with your Final COETAIL Grade for the entire course and your COETAIL Certificate of Completion


Feedback Image Attribution:  Licensed under purchased Adobe Stock Creative Cloud