The End is Near!

License Purchased: AdobeStock93681620

License Purchased: AdobeStock93681620

1 Week Left!

Our Official Course End date is May 7th, 2017 BUT all of your work is due on April 23rd, 2017.
This means you have only 1 week left to publish a total of four (4) posts on your blog:

  • Introduction to your Final Project (Required topic)
  • 1 Blog post (Topic of your own choice)
  • Community Engagement Post (Required topic – must include documented evidence & reflection)
  • Final Project/Reflection Post (Required topic – must include embedded 10 minute video and your written final project reflection)

Sharing Your Final Project

After you complete your final project video, embed it in a reflective blog post and publish it, please fill out the details on the form below. This helps to automatically have your work (blog post) show up on our cohort blog (in the sidebar) when it is time for the Peer Feedback Process (which will begin after April 23).  The Peer Feedback Process (with instructions) will be shared via email and a blog post on April 22.

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